Until now, it has been very difficult to document long-term, ongoing behavioral change. Professionals find it difficult, labor intensive and costly to track a patient after they leave their professional care. Sprezie Aftercare makes it easy to collect ongoing data for months after care is completed.

The data Sprezie Aftercare collects is very relevant. Data collected days after an event is not as accurate as data collected at the moment of the event. Research on smoking cessation finds that people who are asked why they smoked during the week provide considerably generic answers compared with people who are asked the same question just after extinguishing a cigarette (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983).  Sprezie Aftercare collects data about an event as close in time as possible to the event.  

Sprezie Aftercare calls people while they are struggling to implement new behaviors so the data collected corresponds to their times of greatest need.  While Sprezie Aftercare delivers support on each call, it also collects data about the person's motivation, effort and success in their effort to change.  

The data is collated in real-time reports and provides long-term evidence of a person's change success.  Accessing the data is easy through your secure online account.  In fact, the entire process is easy.  It runs itself, so you don't have to add to your workload to support your clients or get their data.

The long-term reports provide ongoing evidence about the success of your program.  When your clients use Sprezie Aftercare, you can genuinely prove the impact of your program over time.