Frequently Asked Questions


Sprezie Aftercare FAQ’s


Are there Discounts for Students/Seniors etc…? 

No, we don’t offer discounts to students. Because Sprezie Aftercare is confidential and secure we never track the age, sex, race or gender of any of the participants. 


What is the level of security? 

We have several government contracts and maintain the highest online security possible. We never say never but we continually update and test our security to ensure confidentially. 


Is there an age limit? 

No, we let anyone join. However, we require parental approval for participants under 18.

What Languages is Sprezie Aftercare offered in? 

Currently Sprezie Aftercare is offered only in English.   If you are interested in using Sprezie Aftercare in another language, please call (833) 877-3943. 


What happens if I don’t like the results of Sprezie Aftercare? 

We will work with you on an individual basis but remember that some issues are lifelong and take time to help develop the skill set needed to build a strong foundation. We want everyone to overcome their individual challenges. That being said we are always happy to discuss why it Sprezie Aftercare didn’t work and make changes.   We bill in one month increments and if Sprezie Aftercare is not providing the value you desire, we will refund the remaining prepaid monthly increments.


Why do you not offer a free trial? 

Our goal is to assist people as they strive to make positive behavior change. Our research found that Sprezie Aftercare works best for people who genuinely want to change and are committed from the start   Asking people to make an initial upfront commitment helps identify those who are committed to long-term change.


Are Updates to the Software Free or an added cost? 

Any changes or updates to the software and content are included in the price. 


Are there any in “app” purchases?

No. Sprezie Aftercare is not an app. And therefore we do not include any in “app.” Purchases.  You get everything for the same price. No hidden fees. Our goal is to give you the best support possible without you having to pay extra. 


Can I purchase a month-to-month contract after my 6 – 12  agreement expirees? 



Do you sell my data? 

NEVER! Absolutely never! 


Will any academic studies be conducted on the data you gather? 

We do work with researchers to improve Sprezie Aftercare and document results.  However, all data is ‘sanitized’ (meaning all identifying personal information is removed) before researchers are allowed to view the data.


You mention several independent studies in your advertising. Where can I find these studies? 

The initial Sprezie Aftercare development was done with a non-profit named RealVictory.  RealVictory  and was called ‘The RealVictory Phone Coach’.  RealVictory worked with the State of Utah, the University of Utah, and Brigham Young University to research how the Sprezie Aftercare technology impacted criminal offenders attempting to turn from crime.  Brigham Young University has published three studies in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.  

The first two studies found that who used The RealVictory Phone Coach were 50% less like to commit repeat criminal offences over a 12 months period of time. The third study found that when criminal offenders answered 50% or more of their RealVictory Phone Coach calls, repeat offences decreased by over 50% during a three year period of time, when compared to a statically identical control group.

The research was evaluated by an independent board of Ph.D.’s in the 

Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and found to be through and valid.  As a result, the technology driving The RealVictory Phone coach (thus Sprezie Aftercare) was listed on the State of Utah Registry of Evicence Based Practices.


Do you offer referral discounts? 

At this time we don not offer referral discounts.


What laws govern our privacy? 

We are governed by state and federal privacy laws and meet the GDPR privacy requirements.  When you start your Sprezie Aftercare account, you are asked to validate your phone number to give us permission to call or text you. 


Does Sprezie Aftercare work on any device? 

Yes, Sprezie Aftercare consist of a website where you manage your service and old fashon calls and texts.  The website will work on any web browser on any device.  The phone calls can be received on any phone. Texts must be received by a phone capable of receiving texts. Texting rates from your phone provide will apply to Sprezie Aftercare texts.  


Can I adjust the times and duration between contacts from Sprezie Aftercare? 

Yes, Sprezie Aftercare is fully customizable to meet the needs of the participants. This can all be controlled from the ‘Schedule’ page in your online Sprezie Aftercare account. Potential link to video


Can I give Sprezie Aftercare as a gift? 

Yes you can pay for a subscription for another person. The receiver will need to setup their account, including setting a goal, schedule, and choosing their Support Team members. 


Does Sprezie Aftercare offer group discounts? 

Yes, Sprezie Aftercare offers discounts for groups of 10 or more.  Please contact the Sprezie Aftercare sales team at (833) 777-3943 for additional information. 


Is Sprezie Aftercare covered by insurance? 

We currently do not partner with any insurance providers. However you are welcome to investigate it with your provider and we are happy to provide any information that they may require.