The lluminant Phone Mentor stabilizes clients as they change their behaviors and return to their daily routine.

It delivers support, tracks progress, sends alerts before relapse and documents results. 


How lluminant Delivers Support After Clients Leave Your Care

More than just phone calls - lluminant Mentor allows for individual schedules, questions, and support messages for each client. It pulls in friends and family to record support messages that are delivered when most needed.

Stay Connected, Receive Alerts, Document Success

lluminant Mentor keeps professionals in touch with clients when their appointment is over.  It effortlessly documents results, provides alerts when clients are struggling and provides the data to prove your program is working.

Evidence Based Design And Research Proves It Works

Developed and researched for over a decade, lluminant Mentor is proven to help people change behavior.  Academic random control trials have found the lluminant Mentor helps people succeed in making long-term behavior change.


The lluminant Mentor called and up came a 'got your back' message from my mom.  She said how proud she was of me... That's my mom.  The call changed my thoughts
"It helped me with decision-making progress.  Regular calls kept my head focused"
"They would call and if I’m in a position to go one way or the other, they’re calling and putting me in my place. It made me think, "I shouldn’t go that way.” It really, really was effective."

The lluminant Mentor can be used to help

  • Addiction recovery
  • Relapse prevention
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Medication regimens
  • Health related life style changes
  • Weight loss
  • Developing healthy habits
  • Exercise goals

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