Short, interactive phone calls and texts help clients focus on goals, connect with mentors and document every step.

Sprezie Aftercare can be tailored to support any treatment plan or diagnosis. 


Effortlessly Support Your Clients After They Leave Your Care

Sprezie Aftercare uses short calls and texts to keep clients focused on their goals outside of treatment.  Each text or call asks about progress on the goals and delivers messages from family, friends, professionals and others to keep clients focused on success.

Sustain And Accelerate Long-Term Success - And Prove It

Sprezie Aftercare accelerates and sustains behavioral change as it supports your clients in-between and after treatment.  It alerts you of relapse risks and tracks ongoing outcome measures, documenting long-term results to use in accreditation and marketing.

Meet The New Joint Commission Measurement-Based Requirement

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare has revised a standard in the Care, Treatment, and Services (CTS) chapter so that organizations will be required to assess outcomes through the use of a standardized tool or instrument. 



“Sprezie Aftercare called and up came a 'got your back' message from my mom. She said how proud she was of me... That's my mom. The call changed my thoughts

"It helped me with decision-making progress. Regular calls kept my head focused"

"They would call, and if I’m in a position to go one way or the other, it made me think, ‘I shouldn’t go that way.’ It really, really was effective."


Sprezie Aftercare can be used to help with:

  • Addiction recovery

  • Relapse prevention

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Medication regimens

  • Health related lifestyle changes

  • Weight loss

  • Developing healthy habits

  • Exercise goals


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It works. Published random control trials found that people who use Sprezie Aftercare are 50% more likely to achieve long-term behavioral change.