Confidential, Proven, Long-term Support

Imagine the boost that comes when a good friend shows up at just the right moment. That’s what Sprezie does.
Sprezie helps you focus on your goals, track your progress, and get encouraging messages from friends, loved ones, and others to help you sustain your success.
Independent studies found Sprezie can more than double your long-term success.*


Calls and Texts Deliver Support

When and where you need it.


You set a goal, tell Sprezie when to call or text, and what friends, loved ones, professionals, and others you would like to provide support.


Sprezie reaches out to those you’ve identified and helps them record encouraging messages. They never need to know your goal or see your information. Sprezie is completely confidential.

You simply answer a call or respond to a text. Sprezie will ask about your progress on goal and deliver a support message. For texts, Sprezie sends an icon you can click to listen to the message.


The personal messages Sprezie Aftercare delivers can help you maintain long-term recovery


Try Sprezie Today

People spend tens of thousands of dollars to gain overcome their addiction. For $0.55 cents a day (or less), Sprezie will help you sustain your success for years to come.
Our Sprezie coaches can help you get started with Sprezie, or you can sign in online and do-it-yourself.
In either case, everything is strictly confidential.


Unlimited calls and texts

Unlimited messages from friends, loved ones, and others


Unlimited calls and texts

Unlimited messages from friends, loved ones, and others


Participants Love Sprezie

Sometimes I don’t answer the call, but even if I don’t answer — when I see it’s Sprezie Aftercare calling, it makes me think ...’Man! I gotta do that!
— Susan B - 10 months out of treatment
When I’m alone it means the most. When I get off work, I want a beer. The phone call comes and changes my mindset to recovery.
— Kendall B - 6 months out of treatment
It’s so different trying to start over. You have such a low self-esteem. The phone calls are helpful because it’s like you’re learning to walk again.
— Matt B - 2 months out of treatment

Include Your Counselor Or Therapist


Sprezie can provide your counselor or therapist with confidential, secure access to your account so they can track your progress, record timely messages, and give you the best ongoing support possible in-between and after sessions.
Call (833) 777-3943 to connect your therapist or counselor to you account.


Proven By Research

*Independent univeristy studies found that when people answer 50% of more of their calls or texts, their success doubles.
Click here to read about the studies.


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