Sprezie uses calls and texts to deliver support for participants.  Participants write a goal or select a preloaded treatment-based goal.  Sprezie uses the goal to create the questions that are asked on each call or text. Participants set a schedule and list family, friends, professionals and others they would like to support them as they work on their goal.  

Sprezie reaches out to the friends, family and others identified, and helps them record short messages of support. The process is as simple as leaving a voicemail.

Sprezie is not an app.  It uses regular phone calls and texts to deliver support.  It calls or texts on schedule, asks three questions about the participants’ progress on the goal then delivers one of the recorded support messages.

Current research by Harvard and other academic institutions has found that positive relationships are key to successful change. The messages allow friends and family to provide support, without being too intrusive.  The messages are a powerful influence to continue the path of positive change. 

Many Sprezie Aftercare participants have reported that receiving messages at critical moments, from significant people in their life, has made the difference between successful change and relapse.

All the responses are analyzed and reported online in real-time secure reports. 

Sprezie Aftercare is easy to set up and easy to use. Each call is less than 90 seconds.  Participants are asked about progress on their goal and how much effort they have put into specific daily tasks required to reach their goals. 

As the participant answers each question, Sprezie Aftercare instantly calculates the progression along the path of change.  The information gathered is compiled into detailed, private, customized reports available to you and your client.  The reports help you measure your client’s progress over time.  As a practitioner, these reports provide you with information about specific areas of success and struggle, enabling you to refine future treatment. They provide the data to document long-term success and meet the 2018 Joint Commission's revised standard in the Care, Treatment, and Services (CTS) chapter.

Life changes take time and daily work.  Sprezie Aftercare can be your clients’ lifeline as often and for as long as they need.  Consistent contact provides the necessary accountability and fosters regular recommitment to goals.  The support messages remind clients they are loved and needed.  The reports provide clients, counselors, and therapists alike with insights into situational choices and big picture progress.