Sprezie Aftercare provides support for your clients without adding more demands on your time.  It can make your life easier by helping your clients develop independence faster and maintain successful change over time.  It is easy to personalize the process for each participant while not taking much of your time to set up or maintain.  It steps in to help your clients after they walk out your door.  You have protected access to the real-time data showing how your client is doing.  In addition, Sprezie Aftercare enables you to: 

            •  Extend your influence into your clients’ daily routine

            •  Increase client loyalty

            •  Add to your ‘after-care’ or ‘step-down’ support to diminish the risk of relapse

            •  Improve your sessions with clients by preparing you with detailed client data

            •  Support your clients in achieving their goals

            •  Measure and report the long-term results of your treatment

            •  Increase the support you give your clients

            •  Involve your clients’ friends and family in the treatment plan

            •  Be alerted early to potential relapse

Sprezie Aftercare collects data during every short phone call with the client.  That data can help you provide more targeted care and alert you of potential relapse even months after a client has left your care.  

In today's measurement-based world, clients and funding organizations want to know your long-term success rate. Sprezie Aftercare documents clients’ decisions and success with every phone call.  It collects the long-term data to prove your program is working and analyzes that data for you, without you having to do anything.