“When I’m alone it means the most. When I get off work, I want a beer. The phone call comes and changes my mindset to recovery.”

 “Sprezie Aftercare alerts me about associations, old relationships, places and situations. It reminds me to stay on top of my goals and be motivated.”

  “I like it. I like being held accountable. I like being reminded. It worked.... I’ve altered my habits because Sprezie Aftercare keeps reminding me to do those things.”

 “Getting the messages about my goals did give me an extra boost. I think it is a good system.”

“It’s so different being out of jail. You have such a low self-esteem. The phone calls are helpful in every way because it’s like you’re learning to walk again.”

“I was always aware. It helped with decision-making progress. Everyday calls kept my head focused.”

 “It helped because it kept my plan in focus all the time. It kept reminding me of what I wanted to do.”

“The call is consistent even when I’m not. It eliminates the “When I have time” or “Someday I’ll...” syndromes and helps me incorporate habits that add up.”

“Sometimes I don’t answer the call, but even if I don’t answer -- when I see it’s Sprezie Aftercare calling, it makes me think ...’Man! I gotta do that!’”

“I think it’s of real value. I get a reminder twice a day of things I know to do but tend to forget because I’m focused on other things. Sprezie Aftercare keeps it in the forefront of my mind.”

 “This was the best thing for me. It made me aware of my weaknesses and provided support based on my goals.”

"Sprezie Aftercare called and up came a message from mom. She said how proud she was of me and of the house I'd just worked on. She was glad I was changing my ways, 'cuz I'm a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. That's my mom. The call changed my thoughts.”

“It was good to be able to hear inspiring messages people left for me when I was doing good; in some ways it helped me meet my goals.”

“It was a struggle in the beginning, and when you would get the phone call, you knew you had to answer yes or no to them so there was accountability for the actions that I was doing.”

“When I first started messing up it would call and make me feel a little guilty.”

“Sprezie Aftercare called and up came a ‘got your back’ message from my daughter. The call changed my thoughts. I have two beautiful daughters. I have to not lose focus.”

“Sprezie Aftercare stops me in the moment of truth. It helps me evaluate what I am doing in the thick of life, in the moment of everyday decisions.”

"It was a constant reminder—twice a day. They would call, and if I’m in a position to go one way or the other, it made me think, 'I shouldn’t go that way.' It really, really was effective."